Rafting in Val di Sole

When one speaks about rafting, Val di Sole is unrivalled.

The National Geographic mentions the Noce River among the 10 best rivers in the world for rafting.

So don't wonder if this sport is one of the most famous in Val di Sole. Especially because is a sport activity suitable for everybody, no particular ability is needed, a part from being able to swim. It's enough arriving on the bank of the river being eager to prove oneself. There is always a professional guide leading the expedition which will give you the basic theoretical and practical instructions before starting.

RAFTING is an exciting activity accesible to all. Along the 28 navigable km of Noce river you can choose between adrenaline rapids and less challenging, but not less exciting, sections, all tis accompanied by the experience, professionalism and friendliness of rafting guides.

No particular ability is needed, it's enough that you want to have fun.You can spend happy moments with your family, your friends, your colleagues or join in crew of people that you have jus met. A raft can carry about 4-6 people. You can band together against a common enemy: the river, with its roaring and mighty waters.

IMPORTANT AWARDS for NOCE RIVER:thatmake it a crucial reference point for river sports lovers. In the authoritative world ranking of "National Geografic" about rafting Noce river is rated in ninth place, the only European one.

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Cusiano di Ossana – Centro Sportivo – Via di Sotto Pila 6
Tel. 334 8468540


Dimaro – Via Gole 108
Tel. 0463 973278 – Cell. 340 2175873

Hotel Santoni has an agreement with both centers. Our gests will have a 10% discount.

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