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Reservation confirmation
Reservation is confirmed only previous payment of a deposit that can be done by postal money order or by bank transfer.

The day you arrive room will be available starting from 15.00
In case you mean to arrive after 20.00 please inform us
In case you postpone your arrival you should pay the whole amount for the booked period

Departure day please leave your room within 10.00
In case you put forward your departure you should pay the whole amount for the booked period

We accept in preference cash. You can also pay by bancomat or credit card (VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, EUROCARD). We do not accept cheque.

As general rule we apply UE policy for hotel cancellation (competent court is Trento)
Reservation can be cancelled only in writing.
If you cancel your reservation 40 days before the expected arrival, you will have back your deposit; if you cancel after this date you will lose the whole deposit.

The whole hotel is free smoking area

Children reductions will be applied only to children in room with two adults and for at least 4 days journey.

Small pets are welcome only on request. In any case they won't be allowed to enter the dining room. Any damage caused by the animal shall be bourne by his owner.

Our telephone number is 0039 0463 751748. If you want you can receive telephone calls directly in you room.

The hall of the hotel is free Wi fi area. You can connect with your Pc or use one of the hotel at disposal of the guests.

Hoping to welcome you as dear guests
Please contact us for further information